What age group of students does GCA provide education for?

GCA currently instructs students from Kindergarten to Grade 12

Does GCA Enroll students with special needs?

GCA currently lacks a special ed department and can't service young people with certain needs. If you have a student that might fall into this category its best to contact us before attempting enrollment.

Is Christian School Education Affordable?

The education of our children is one of the most important jobs God has given to parents. God has promised to meet our needs so if one believes that God wants their children in a Christian school God will meet the need. To assist with affording the costs of education Grace Christian Academy has a limited amount of scholarships available.

Can Grace Christian Academy Accommodate Homeschoolers?

Home-Schooling students may take a single course or two with the permission of the school administrators. Homeschoolers are also encouraged to participate in Grace Christian Academy sports teams.

Can parents tour the school?

GCA does give facility tours, however to ensure the safety of our students we schedule them during hours when classes are not in session.

Is GCA an accredited school?

No. GCA, like most private schools here in Maine is registered as a non-accredited private school. Your student will receive a full diploma and no GED will be required.

What is the Student to Teacher Ratio?

Grace Christian Academy has smaller class sizes so that each student receives more attention. Each class size varies upon the total number of students enrolled each year. Call or Email us for more direct information about class sizes.

Upon Graduation Will My Student be Eligible for Admission to College?

Your graduate student will receive a diploma recognized by the State of Maine and institutions of higher learning. Grace Christian Academy graduates have attended a variety of colleges from New Brunswick Bible Institute to the University of Southern California.

Is Grace Christian Academy Affiliated with any Denomination?

Grace Christian Academy is a ministry of Grace Community Chapel, which is not affiliated with any denomination or organization.

Does GCA offer extra curricular activities?

Yes GCA routinely offers Sports for our students to engage in; Soccer in the fall, Basketball in the winter, and disk golf in the Spring. We occasionally offer other activities based on volunteer availability and student interest. In the past, these have included a chess club and the drama club.

Does GCA have teachers or are its classes digital only and supervised?

The vast majority of our courses are teacher taught with the exception is foreign language and college level math (Calculus) where the instructor uses a supplementary program

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