Students at Grace Christian use a variety of curriculum including Alpha Omega Publications, Math-U-See, Sonlight, Rosetta Stone and Apologia. Grace endeavors to use Christian-published textbooks but is committed to providing the highest quality materials from an educational standpoint without compromising Christian principles. On an ongoing basis the Faculty and Administration examine all materials and prepares curriculum objectives to assure that the curriculum best fits the needs of the children served. Fundamental to all areas is God’s Word. Bible is taught as a subject alone and is also integrated throughout the other subjects.

Central to the curriculum are the basic subjects of reading, writing, math and religion: sometimes called the “4 r’s.” These are necessary, enabling individuals to communicate and understand order in society. These areas communicate God’s love to others and enable the students to read God’s Word for themselves. In addition:

History is taught so that the students might understand God’s view of man, his design for their lives and to gain knowledge about what man has done with the time God has given them.

Science helps children understand God’s creation and how they fit into His order.

Government & geography provide knowledge and understanding of the nations of the world as the home God gave man. It helps students to understand how man has used his home provided by God.

Physical education gives children the opportunity to grow strong in mind, spirit and body.

Literature, music and art help bring out in each student that which is creative like our Heavenly Father. The arts give another avenue to communicate God’s truth to others.


Extracurricular Activities

Participating in extracurricular activities is a privilege. Since the student’s academics come first, the same NO Pass/NO Play policy that athletes must follow also applies to those participating in other extracurricular activities. The following activities may be available.

STUDENT COUNCIL- Students are elected from the student body early in the school year. This group is involved in planning various school activities, fund-raisers, etc. and acts as representatives for the student body as a whole to the administration.

YEARBOOK- This activity involves soliciting advertisers, layout design, photography and final book preparation.

MUSIC- Various musical groups, both vocal and instrumental may be available for student participation.

DRAMA/TALENT SHOW- Students may be involved in a Christmas play or a Spring Talent Show.

SPORTS-Students may participate in interscholastic soccer and basketball. Guidelines for sports participation are outlined in the Athletic Handbook.