About Grace Christian Academy

Despite the large amount of money being spent on public education, the education our children are receiving is grossly inadequate. Anti-Christian things are taught, there is a lack of discipline and there is rampant drug and alcohol abuse, all of which is contrary to what is taught in our Sunday services, prayer meetings and youth groups. For 875+ hours a year our young people are being indoctrinated with a secular world view that excludes God.

For several years it has been desire of many in this area that a Christian school be started. After much prayer and discussion the leadership of Grace Community Chapel decided to fill that void with a church-sponsored school at our facility on the Lewiston Road in West Gardiner just off I-95.

Our goal is to offer a well-rounded education that includes God and His Word in every aspect of school life: academics, sports, community involvement, etc. We want to work with your home and your church as you seek to raise your children in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” At Grace Christian Academy your young people will learn to be “in the world not of the world” as they discover what God would have them do with their lives.

This website is designed to help people understand why a Christian school education is important and what is available at Grace Christian Academy. Enrollment forms are available. If you have additional questions about GCA you may call 207-582-8045.

Why Christian Education?

1. GOD’S WORD IS TAUGHT. We have a clear biblical mandate to saturate our children’s minds with the Word of God. It is a difficult task under any circumstances but virtually impossible in a pubilc school setting.

2. GOD TELLS US TO TEACH CHILDREN THROUGH THE WORD. God expects you as a Christian parent to nurture His Word in the hearts and minds of your children. This is best accomplished in a setting where home, church and school all send the same message of truth with conviction and consistency.

3. THE SCHOOL TEACHES YOUR VALUES. Even the best public schools usually either teaches against the values you teach at home or disregards them altogether. By entrusting your child to educators who share your values you will have more time to get to know them instead of debriefing them.

4. SAFETY. Christian schools are a safer place for your children to receive an education. While not devoid of problems-even severe ones like drug and alcohol use- they are far less likely to occur and far more likely to be met with firm disciplinary action.

5. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. Contrary to popular opinion, students at Christian schools consistently outperform their public school counterparts. Their standardized test scores are way above the curve and they are better prepared for college upon graduation.

6. PARENT AND STUDENT INVOLVEMENT. In a Christian school children are more likely to be involved in extracurricular activities because it is a less-threatening atmosphere. Parents are more involved because the school and home are partners in the child’s education.

7. TEACHERS LOVE AND FEAR THE LORD. Christian school students perform well academically because they have a higher percentage of teachers who genuinely care about them because of their own love for the Lord. Most of these dedicated men and women sacrifice greater monetary rewards to serve where they can do the most intrinsic good.

8. INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. Christian schools can almost always offer more individual attention than public schools. Class sizes are smaller and students are encouraged to be participants rather than spectators, learning how to think quickly while gaining valuable experience in sharing their thoughts and opinions in a public forum.

9. SUCCESS AFTER GRADUATION. Because students perform at a higher level in the classroom their options upon graduation are more abundant and they are more able to handle the rigors of higher education. They have also recieved the spiritual foundation they need to excel in areas of ministry, whether it be as a career or volunteer oriented.

10. PEER PRESSURE. Children will be exposed to bad company no matter where they go to school. But in a Christian environment they will be less likely to find themselves surrounded by destructive influences and more likely to find positive ones.

Our Mission

The mission of Grace Christian Academy is to provide an affordable and quality Christian education in a Christ-centered environment in order to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve God and impact the world through biblical thought and action.

School Committee

Grace Christian Academy is a ministry of Grace Community Chapel. The business of the school is administered by a School Committee, which is made up of interested parents and individuals who have a vision for Christian education. The Committee reports to the church’s Elder Board.

Potential Committee members are recommended by the School Committee and approved by the Elder Board before being appointed to the Committee. The majority of the Committee consists of people who attend Grace Community Chapel.

Education Objective

A. To lead each unsaved student to trust Christ as their personal Savior and then to follow Christ as Lord of their life.

B. To instill in each student a love for God and a personal sense of responsibility to be all God wants them to be.

C. To direct each student in the process of developing Christ-like character and actions.

D. To instill in each student love and honor for home and parents.

E. To prepare each student to be successful as measured by God’s standards and not the world’s.

F. To prepare each student for the important position in life of spiritual leadership in school, home, church and beyond.

G. To develop within each student a sense of responsibility as a Christian citizen.

H. To develop within each student a Christian worldview and Christian philosophy of life.

I. To develop within each student an appreciation and understanding of God’s world and how to live productively in his environment.

J. To provide each student opportunities for developing skills necessary to making a living.

K. To develop within each student a moral, ethical and spiritual sense that will lead to an appreciation of their own personal worth to God and that of others.

L. To teach each student to take responsibility for their actions and words and the choices they make.

M. To offer each student an instructional program that is centered in God’s Word and meets their academic needs.

N. To teach each student the thinking skills that will enable them to meet intellectual challenges.

O. To motivate each student to master the tools of learning and communication.

P. To provide each student opportunities to develop understanding of and appreciation for the arts as well as contributing to them.

Q. To offer opportunities to participate in wholesome forms of recreation and social activities.

Our Staff

Miss Young

Pastor Adams

Mr. Libby

Physical Education
Mr. Gerard

Art Teacher
Mrs. Pam Pottle

Elementary Teacher
Mrs. Becky Libby

Elementary Teacher
Mrs. Brenda Rolfe

Jr. & Sr. High Teacher
Mr. Aaron Farley